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Web Connect and QFX

QFX files

The QFX extension files are part of the Quicken financial software and basically save the financial data imported into the software. It includes account balances, transactions, discounts and more information that is recorded in a standardized format.

Web Connect

Web Connect is the connection method through which the transaction information is downloaded in QFX format, and as a first step begins by visiting the website of the financial institution.

It should be noted that Express Web Connect is different since this method is the direct download of transactions in QFX format through Quicken, which connects directly to the financial institution and does the download for you.

Your Quicken subscription must be current, as well as you must be using a compatible Quicken application, as Web Connect requires access to online services to validate the file and transactions for security reasons.

In the first instance, you should verify the following:

  • Your bank supports the download of Quicken Web Connect. Otherwise, the file cannot be imported as it will not be authorized.
  • The file is in Quicken Financial Exchange (QFX) format. Only one QFX file is the one that will allow, broadly, to download transactions from checking, savings, credit card, brokerage or retirement accounts. No other file type will be compatible with Web Connect in Quicken, not even QIF.
  • Find the correct file to download by browsing the financial institution's website, although at this step, such browsing can be somewhat cumbersome. For this, and after logging into the financial institution's website, look for a link titled Download or Export.

Known Web Connect issues

Make sure to select the Quicken format and adjust it to the dates you want to download.

Sometimes, depending on your web browser and settings, the Web Connect file has been downloaded but does not automatically open in Quicken.

Windows troubleshooting

If the file downloads but then doesn't open in Quicken, make sure the QFX file association is correct

In many cases, the issues can be associated with the QFX file itself, and therefore these should be addressed by the financial institution, as they are the ones providing the file. For example, if the downloaded QFX file is empty, that is, with a file size of 0 KB, or there are duplicate or missing transactions.