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QFX files

The QFX extension files are part of the Quicken financial software and basically save the financial data imported into the software. It includes account balances, transactions, discounts and more information that is recorded in a standardized format.

The QFX format is Quicken's proprietary format, although it is similar to the open OFX format.

QFX files are generated by various financial institutions, such as banks and credit card companies worldwide, mainly in North America.

Open a QFX file on Mac

Bank2OFX for Mac is a versatile utility to convert QIF, OFX, QFX, QBO, OFC files to OFX format. With this utility you can open your bank file in whatever format it has and convert it to OFX format.

However, there are other well-known utilities, apart from Quicken, related to the QFX file extension, categorized as a primary and unique file type called Quicken Financial Exchange File format.

The QFX extension is known for its compatibility with both desktop and mobile computers, supported by Windows, Mac and Linux.

However, because it is a closed format, the popularity rate is low, since it is not present in most devices.

Solvusoft offers FileViewPro, however it requires licensing from Quicken in order to open QFX files.

The most common applications to open and work with QFX files on a MacOS are the following: