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QFX Frequently Asked Questions

What is QFX file?

A QFX format and extension file, also called a Quicken Financial Exchange file, is a file format created and proprietary by Intuit for its Quicken software. QFX file format is based on Open Financial Exchange (OFX) file format with added support for licensing and other special Intuit features.

How can I open QFX file?

To open QFX file you need to download and install Quicken Financial Exchange from Intuit. QFX file has information stored in it in Open File Exchange Format or OFX. OFX file format was developed in 1997 by Intuit, Microsoft and Checkfree to facilitate effective financial information exchange over the internet. Intuit Quicken software uses its own proprietary version of OFX format and stores information in QFX files.

Are QFX file binary?

QFX is a binary file. Only special software designed to parse QFX format can open it. Examples of such software are: Quicken, Microsoft Money, GnuCash.