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Convert QFX to PDF

In this tutorial, you will see how to easily convert a QFX file to PDF using both paid and free tools. The methods for creating PDF files explained here are easy to use.

How to convert a QFX file to a PDF file, or how can you create a PDF version from your QFX file?

Through a PDF printer

Files of type QFX or with file extension .QFX can be easily converted to PDF with the help of a PDF printer.

A PDF printer is basically a virtual printer that can be used like any other printer. The difference is that it creates PDF files instead of physical paper.

In this way, you can create a PDF version from any file that is printable.

For this task you just have to open the file with the original program (or any program that can open and read it), and then click on the "print" button, choosing the virtual PDF printer and finally clicking on "print".

Below you will find the most common free virtual printers on the market

Through a third-party converter

In case you do not have access to Quicken accounting software, you have the option of converting or exporting Quicken QFX files to PDF format, through a third-party conversion utility that supports this particular conversion.


Offers a solution for converting from QFX to PDF, called Transactions.

Transactions is a proprietary utility with prices ranging from $ 40 to $ 150, depending on the type of license.

Link to Transactions

FoxItPdf Editor

Foxit is a software provider for PDF solutions. The initial price of the service offered by Foxit is $ 180.

Link to FoxitPDF


PDFShift is a tool that provides developers with the ability to implement easy conversion of their documents to PDF with high efficiency and fidelity.

It has packages available for Node.js, Python and PHP and the API allows you to use any programming language.

It has such specific functions as watermarking and data encryption that are available along with other options to customize the converted documents.

Link to PDFShift