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QFX on Android

What is a QFX file?

The QFX format is Quicken's proprietary format, although it is similar to the open OFX format.

As expected, and with the advancement of increasingly portable equipment, QFX files are compatible, in this case, with Android devices, through the use of various applications customized for this purpose.

Below is a list of the most popular QFX-compatible applications among Android platform users.

Quicken Mobile Companion

Quicken Mobile Companion is a free application to manage your personal finances on your device and is used in conjunction with the Quicken desktop software.

The Quicken Mobile Companion app for Android syncs with the Quicken desktop to streamline your money decision making in a simple and portable way.

Quicken Mobile Companion, requires creating an ID from the desktop software. An ID is generated that you will need to log into the application and start synchronizing your data.


PocketMoney allows constant control and monitoring of the flow of money, visualize, analyze and understand your net worth and optimize the general health of your finances on your mobile device.

In this ever-changing world, from an economic point of view PocketMoney makes it easy to understand all the wrongs of today's economy.

MoneyWiz 3

With lots of modern features, this advanced Android software supports the largest online banking portfolio on the planet, with automatic categorization of operations and access to more than 16,000 banks in more than 50 countries.

Compatible with crypto, forex and stock investment accounts with automatic exchange synchronization.

Multiplatform synchronization with apps integrated in your mobile and PC, including Quicken, which also allows the manual introduction of operations and movements, importing bank statements within the manual accounting mode.

To download and view the benefits of these programs, you can go to each of their links: