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Create QFX File with Excel

What is a QFX file?

The QFX extension files are part of the Quicken financial software used to save the financial data imported into the software.

Therefore these files are considered data files. It includes account balances, transactions, discounts and more information that is recorded in a standardized format.

The QFX format is Quicken's proprietary format, although it is similar to the open OFX format. Banks and financial institutions can create QFX files for their clients as long as the institution pays a fee to the manufacturer of the format.

However, by using the open QIF file, banks can create QFX files through conversion.

They can also make use of text files and spreadsheets and convert them to the QFX format using an Excel add-in tool provided for this purpose.

You should consider that this add-in works only with the most recent versions of Excel.


  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click "File" and "Import". Click on the "OFX Writer" option to open the plugin.
  3. Click the button next to the 'QIF Format' option or in any case click the button next to the 'Other' option, then click the drop-down box and select the file type to import. In this step you can choose the original file type, either CSV or XLSX, and then import it with QFX writer.
  4. Click the 'Browse' button. A file browsing window opens.
  5. Find and click the QIF data file and then click the 'Import' button.
  6. Choose the application where the data file is to be imported. For example in QFX Quicken.
  7. Click the radio button next to your location.
  8. Click the 'Use default bid' checkbox.
  9. Click the 'Account Name' drop-down box and click the name of the financial institution for the file.
  10. Click the 'Account Type' drop-down box and choose the type.
  11. Click on the 'Currency' drop-down box and click on the currency type.
  12. Write the 'Route number' in the box provided for this purpose. likewise write the 'Account Number' in the Account Number box.
  13. Click the radio button next to 'All available rows' in the rows to export section, to export the entire file.
  14. Click 'Continue'. The selected file is converted to the QFX format.